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مبالغہ کرنے والا بڑھا چڑھا کر بیان کرنے والا ۔ غُلو سے کام لینے والا ۔ غالی ۔
(1) - Exaggerator (n.) One who exaggerates; one addicted to exaggeration.


بلند کرنا ۔ اونچا کرنا ۔
(1) - Exalt (v. t.) To render pure or refined; to intensify or concentrate; as, to exalt the juices of bodies.
(2) - Exalt (v. t.) To elevate the tone of, as of the voice or a musical instrument.
(3) - Exalt (v. t.) To lift up with joy, pride, or success; to inspire with delight or satisfaction; to elate.
(4) - Exalt (v. t.) To elevate by prise or estimation; to magnify; to extol; to glorify.
(5) - Exalt (v. t.) To elevate in rank, dignity, power, wealth, character, or the like; to dignify; to promote; as, to exalt a prince to the throne, a citizen to the presidency.
(6) - Exalt (v. t.) To raise high; to elevate; to lift up.


انبساط ۔ عروج ۔ سرفرازی ۔
(1) - Exaltation (n.) That place of a planet in the zodiac in which it was supposed to exert its strongest influence.
(2) - Exaltation (n.) The refinement or subtilization of a body, or the increasing of its virtue or principal property.
(3) - Exaltation (n.) The act of exalting or raising high; also, the state of being exalted; elevation.


سرفراز، وجد، کیف عالی مقام ۔ معزّز ۔ مُمتاز ۔ بُلند مرتبت ۔ سر بُلند ۔ سرفراز ۔
(1) - Exalted (a.) Raised to lofty height; elevated; extolled; refined; dignified; sublime.
(2) - Exalted (imp. & p. p.) of Exalt


سَر بُلندی سے ۔ سرفرازی سے ۔