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موٹی اُون کا ۔ موٹی اُون کی طَرَح ۔ جَت دار ۔


جاننا ۔ پہچاننا ۔ دور سے دیکھنا ۔
(1) - Ken (n.) Cognizance; view; especially, reach of sight or knowledge.
(2) - Ken (v. i.) To look around.
(3) - Ken (n. t.) To recognize; to descry; to discern.
(4) - Ken (n. t.) To know; to understand; to take cognizance of.
(5) - Ken (n.) A house; esp., one which is a resort for thieves.


حِس حَرکَتِ عُضلَہ ۔ عُضلاتی حِس ۔


گھریلو اور شکاری کتوں کے رہنے کا گھر ۔ نالی ۔ موری ۔
(1) - Kennel (v. t.) To put or keep in a kennel.
(2) - Kennel (v. i.) To lie or lodge; to dwell, as a dog or a fox.
(3) - Kennel (n.) The hole of a fox or other beast; a haunt.
(4) - Kennel (n.) A pack of hounds, or a collection of dogs.
(5) - Kennel (n.) A house for a dog or for dogs, or for a pack of hounds.
(6) - Kennel (n.) The water course of a street; a little canal or channel; a gutter; also, a puddle.


تَخَلُّص ۔ عُرف ۔ تَشریحی یا وَضاحَتی نام ۔
(1) - Kenning (v. t.) The limit of vision at sea, being a distance of about twenty miles.
(2) - Kenning (v. t.) Range of sight.
(3) - Kenning (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Ken