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خطیبانہ ۔
(1) - Oratorical (a.) Of or pertaining to an orator or to oratory; characterized by oratory; rhetorical; becoming to an orator; as, an oratorical triumph; an oratorical essay.


خطیبانہ انداز سے ۔


بھنجن یا مذہبی ناٹک جس کو ایک ہی شخص گاتاتھا ۔
(1) - Oratorio (n.) Performance or rendering of such a composition.
(2) - Oratorio (n.) A more or less dramatic text or poem, founded on some Scripture nerrative, or great divine event, elaborately set to music, in recitative, arias, grand choruses, etc., to be sung with an orchestral accompaniment, but without action, scenery, or costume, although the oratorio grew out of the Mysteries and the Miracle and Passion plays, which were acted.


فصاحت ۔ خطابت ۔
(1) - Oratory (n.) The art of an orator; the art of public speaking in an eloquent or effective manner; the exercise of rhetorical skill in oral discourse; eloquence.
(2) - Oratory (n.) A place of orisons, or prayer; especially, a chapel or small room set apart for private devotions.


چکر ۔ کرہ ۔ گولا ۔
(1) - Orb (v. i.) To become round like an orb.
(2) - Orb (v. t.) To encircle; to surround; to inclose.
(3) - Orb (v. t.) To form into an orb or circle.
(4) - Orb (n.) A body of soldiers drawn up in a circle, as for defense, esp. infantry to repel cavalry.
(5) - Orb (n.) Same as Mound, a ball or globe. See lst Mound.
(6) - Orb (n.) A sphere of action.
(7) - Orb (n.) A revolving circular body; a wheel.
(8) - Orb (n.) The eye, as luminous and spherical.
(9) - Orb (n.) A period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body.
(10) - Orb (n.) A circle; esp., a circle, or nearly circular orbit, described by the revolution of a heavenly body; an orbit.
(11) - Orb (n.) One of the azure transparent spheres conceived by the ancients to be inclosed one within another, and to carry the heavenly bodies in their revolutions.
(12) - Orb (n.) A spherical body; a globe; especially, one of the celestial spheres; a sun, planet, or star.
(13) - Orb (n.) A blank window or panel.