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وہ راستہ جہاں دوسری جگہ جانے کے لیے سیڑھیاں بنی ھوں ۔
(1) - Stairway (n.) A flight of stairs or steps; a staircase.


عمودی راستہ ۔ شگاف یا جہاں سیڑھیاں نہ ھوں ۔


چوب ۔ لکڑی ۔ چھڑی ۔ کھونٹا ۔
(1) - Stake (v. t.) To pierce or wound with a stake.
(2) - Stake (v. t.) To put at hazard upon the issue of competition, or upon a future contingency; to wager; to pledge.
(3) - Stake (v. t.) To mark the limits of by stakes; -- with out; as, to stake out land; to stake out a new road.
(4) - Stake (v. t.) To fasten, support, or defend with stakes; as, to stake vines or plants.
(5) - Stake (v. t.) That which is laid down as a wager; that which is staked or hazarded; a pledge.
(6) - Stake (v. t.) A small anvil usually furnished with a tang to enter a hole in a bench top, -- used by tinsmiths, blacksmiths, etc., for light work, punching upon, etc.
(7) - Stake (v. t.) The piece of timber to which a martyr was affixed to be burned; hence, martyrdom by fire.
(8) - Stake (v. t.) A stick inserted upright in a lop, eye, or mortise, at the side or end of a cart, a flat car, or the like, to prevent goods from falling off.
(9) - Stake (v. t.) A piece of wood, usually long and slender, pointed at one end so as to be easily driven into the ground as a support or stay; as, a stake to support vines, fences, hedges, etc.


وہ شخس جس کے پاس شرط کی رقم رکھی جاتی ھے ۔
(1) - Stakeholder (n.) The holder of a stake; one with whom the bets are deposited when a wager is laid.


کلسی رسُوب ۔
(1) - Stalactite (n.) In an extended sense, any mineral or rock of similar form and origin; as, a stalactite of lava.
(2) - Stalactite (n.) A pendent cone or cylinder of calcium carbonate resembling an icicle in form and mode of attachment. Stalactites are found depending from the roof or sides of caverns, and are produced by deposition from waters which have percolated through, and partially dissolved, the overlying limestone rocks.