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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


پیشن گویانہ ۔ شگون کے متعلق ۔
(1) - Augural (a.) Of or pertaining to augurs or to augury; betokening; ominous; significant; as, an augural staff; augural books.


پیشن گوئی کرنے والا ۔
(1) - Augurer (n.) An augur.


فال ۔ شگون ۔
(1) - Augury (n.) A rite, ceremony, or observation of an augur.
(2) - Augury (n.) An omen; prediction; prognostication; indication of the future; presage.
(3) - Augury (n.) The art or practice of foretelling events by observing the actions of birds, etc.; divination.


اگست ۔ بلند پایہ ۔ عالی شان ۔
(1) - August (a.) The eighth month of the year, containing thirty-one days.
(2) - August (a.) Of a quality inspiring mingled admiration and reverence; having an aspect of solemn dignity or grandeur; sublime; majestic; having exalted birth, character, state, or authority.


شہَنشاہ آگَسٹَس ۔
(1) - Augustan (n.) Of or pertaining to the town of Augsburg.
(2) - Augustan (n.) Of or pertaining to Augustus Caesar or to his times.