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خُود فِکری ۔ اذنیٰ گوشی ۔ کان سے مُتعَلِق خُود فِکر ۔ خَیال باف ۔

auto car

انجن سے چلنے والی گاڑی ۔


رَسم تَعذیب ۔ رَسم تَعزیر ۔
(1) - Auto-da-fe (n.) A session of the court of Inquisition.
(2) - Auto-da-fe (n.) An execution of such sentence, by the civil power, esp. the burning of a heretic. It was usually held on Sunday, and was made a great public solemnity by impressive forms and ceremonies.
(3) - Auto-da-fe (n.) A judgment of the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal condemning or acquitting persons accused of religious offenses.


(امراضِیات) خُود تَعدیہ ۔ ذاتی چھُوت ۔


(امراضیات) خود جُدرین ۔