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Index of words, starting with "au"

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(حَیاتِیات) ایزادِیَہ ۔ جو خُلیے کے حَجَم میں اِضافے کا باعث ہو ۔
(1) - Auxesis (n.) A figure by which a grave and magnificent word is put for the proper word; amplification; hyperbole.


مددگار ۔ معاون ۔
(1) - Auxiliary (sing.) A quantity introduced for the purpose of simplifying or facilitating some operation, as in equations or trigonometrical formulae.
(2) - Auxiliary (sing.) A verb which helps to form the voices, modes, and tenses of other verbs; -- called, also, an auxiliary verb; as, have, be, may, can, do, must, shall, and will, in English; etre and avoir, in French; avere and essere, in Italian; estar and haber, in Spanish.
(3) - Auxiliary (n.) Foreign troops in the service of a nation at war; (rarely in sing.), a member of the allied or subsidiary force.
(4) - Auxiliary (n.) A helper; an assistant; a confederate in some action or enterprise.
(5) - Auxiliary (a.) Conferring aid or help; helping; aiding; assisting; subsidiary; as auxiliary troops.


امدادی فوج ۔ معاون ۔


نَموُیَن ۔ ایک مادَہ یا ہارمون ۔


نموین ۔ ایک مادّہ جو پودوں کی نشوونُما میں مدد دیتا ہے ۔ یہ پتیوں کے سِرے پر پایا جاتا ہے ۔

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