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چوڑی ڈھَلان والی تاند ۔
(1) - Buddle (v. i.) To wash ore in a buddle.
(2) - Buddle (n.) An apparatus, especially an inclined trough or vat, in which stamped ore is concentrated by subjecting it to the action of running water so as to wash out the lighter and less valuable portions.


اِستَوانی خِطّوں گَرَم علاقوں میں اُگنے والی گھَنی بُوٹی ۔


ہٹنا ۔ سرکنا ۔
(1) - Budge (a.) Austere or stiff, like scholastics.
(2) - Budge (a.) Lined with budge; hence, scholastic.
(3) - Budge (n.) A kind of fur prepared from lambskin dressed with the wool on; -- used formerly as an edging and ornament, esp. of scholastic habits.
(4) - Budge (v.) Brisk; stirring; jocund.
(5) - Budge (v. i.) To move off; to stir; to walk away.


آمدنی کا تخمینہ ۔ تھیلا ۔ کیسہ زر ۔
(1) - Budget (n.) The annual financial statement which the British chancellor of the exchequer makes in the House of Commons. It comprehends a general view of the finances of the country, with the proposed plan of taxation for the ensuing year. The term is sometimes applied to a similar statement in other countries.
(2) - Budget (n.) A bag or sack with its contents; hence, a stock or store; an accumulation; as, a budget of inventions.


میزانیہ سے متعلق ۔