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Index of words, starting with "gn"

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قول ۔ کہاوت ۔ ضرب المثل ۔
(1) - Gnome (n.) A brief reflection or maxim.
(2) - Gnome (n.) A small owl (Glaucidium gnoma) of the Western United States.
(3) - Gnome (n.) A dwarf; a goblin; a person of small stature or misshapen features, or of strange appearance.
(4) - Gnome (n.) An imaginary being, supposed by the Rosicrucians to inhabit the inner parts of the earth, and to be the guardian of mines, quarries, etc.


حکایتی ۔ کہاوتی ۔ قولی ۔ ضَربُ المِثلی ۔ حکیمانہ مقولوں سے پُر ۔
(1) - Gnomic (a.) Alt. of Gnomical


دھوپ گھڑی کا کانٹا ۔
(1) - Gnomon (n.) The index of the hour circle of a globe.
(2) - Gnomon (n.) The space included between the boundary lines of two similar parallelograms, the one within the other, with an angle in common; as, the gnomon bcdefg of the parallelograms ac and af. The parallelogram bf is the complement of the parallelogram df.
(3) - Gnomon (n.) A style or column erected perpendicularly to the horizon, formerly used in astronomocal observations. Its principal use was to find the altitude of the sun by measuring the length of its shadow.
(4) - Gnomon (n.) The style or pin, which by its shadow, shows the hour of the day. It is usually set parallel to the earth's axis.


دُھوپ گھَڑی کی سوئی سے مُتعلّق ۔ مَذکورہ بالا شکل کا ۔
(1) - Gnomonic (a.) Alt. of Gnomonical


عِرفان ۔ خصُوصاً رُوحانی اشیا کا خاص عِلم ۔ باطنی عِلم رکھنے والے قدیم لوگوں کا عِلم جو عقیدے یا عِرفان سے حاصِل ہُوا ۔ ادریت ۔ غناسطیت ۔
(1) - Gnosis (n.) The deeper wisdom; knowledge of spiritual truth, such as was claimed by the Gnostics.