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Index of words, starting with "go"

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چھینی کی قسم کا ایک آلہ ۔
(1) - Gouge (n.) Imposition; cheat; fraud; also, an impostor; a cheat; a trickish person.
(2) - Gouge (n.) The act of scooping out with a gouge, or as with a gouge; a groove or cavity scooped out, as with a gouge.
(3) - Gouge (n.) Soft material lying between the wall of a vein aud the solid vein.
(4) - Gouge (n.) An incising tool which cuts forms or blanks for gloves, envelopes, etc. from leather, paper, etc.
(5) - Gouge (n.) A bookbinder's tool for blind tooling or gilding, having a face which forms a curve.
(6) - Gouge (n.) A chisel, with a hollow or semicylindrical blade, for scooping or cutting holes, channels, or grooves, in wood, stone, etc.; a similar instrument, with curved edge, for turning wood.


دبا کر نکالنے والا ۔
(1) - Gouger (n.) See Plum Gouger.


دم بُخت ۔ گولیش ۔ بڑے گوشت اور سبزیات کا مسالے اور سُرخ مِرچوں کے ساتھ دم بُخت ۔


مغلوب ہونا ۔ ناکام ہونا ۔ برباد ہونا ۔


کدو ۔ خشک کھوکھلا کدو ۔
(1) - Gourd (n.) Alt. of Gourde
(2) - Gourd (n.) A false die. See Gord.
(3) - Gourd (n.) A dipper or other vessel made from the shell of a gourd; hence, a drinking vessel; a bottle.
(4) - Gourd (n.) A fleshy, three-celled, many-seeded fruit, as the melon, pumpkin, cucumber, etc., of the order Cucurbitaceae; and especially the bottle gourd (Lagenaria vulgaris) which occurs in a great variety of forms, and, when the interior part is removed, serves for bottles, dippers, cups, and other dishes.