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Urdu Meaning

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بندوبست ۔ انتظام ۔ حکومت ۔
(1) - Governance (n.) Exercise of authority; control; government; arrangement.


اُستانی، گھر کی معلمھ ۔
(1) - Governante (n.) A governess.


حاکمہ ۔ استانی ۔
(1) - Governess (n.) A female governor; a woman invested with authority to control and direct; especially, one intrusted with the care and instruction of children, -- usually in their homes.


حکمرانی ۔ حکمران جماعت ۔ گورنر ۔
(1) - Government (n.) The influence of a word in regard to construction, requiring that another word should be in a particular case.
(2) - Government (n.) Management of the limbs or body.
(3) - Government (n.) The body politic governed by one authority; a state; as, the governments of Europe.
(4) - Government (n.) The person or persons authorized to administer the laws; the ruling power; the administration.
(5) - Government (n.) The right or power of governing; authority.
(6) - Government (n.) The mode of governing; the system of polity in a state; the established form of law.
(7) - Government (n.) The act of governing; the exercise of authority; the administration of laws; control; direction; regulation; as, civil, church, or family government.


حکومت کا ۔