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Index of English words, starting with "os"

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ھڈی بن جانے کی صفت رکھنے والا ۔


چھوٹی ھڈی عَظم صغیر ۔ کوئی چھوٹی ہڈی والی ۔
(1) - Ossicle (n.) One of numerous small calcareous structures forming the skeleton of certain echinoderms, as the starfishes.
(2) - Ossicle (n.) A little bone; as, the auditory ossicles in the tympanum of the ear.


کان کی چھوٹی ہَڈّی ۔ چھوٹی ہَڈّیاں ۔ خَصُوصاً دَرمیانی کان کی ۔


جمود اختیار ۔ بے حس ۔
(1) - Ossification (n.) The state of being changed into a bony substance; also, a mass or point of ossified tissue.
(2) - Ossification (n.) The formation of bone; the process, in the growth of an animal, by which inorganic material (mainly lime salts) is deposited in cartilage or membrane, forming bony tissue; ostosis.


استخوان ساز ۔