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Index of English words, starting with "pr"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


نَتائجِیَتی ۔ نظَرِیَہ عملِیَت کا ۔ اِس سے مُتعَلِق ۔


اصل کے طور پر پیش کرنا ۔ استعارے اور تشبیہ کو حقیقی سمجھ لینا ۔
(1) - Pragmatize (v. t.) To consider, represent, or embody (something unreal) as fact; to materialize.


وسیع گھاس کا میدان جس میں درخت نہ ہوں ۔
(1) - Prairie (n.) A meadow or tract of grass; especially, a so called natural meadow.
(2) - Prairie (n.) An extensive tract of level or rolling land, destitute of trees, covered with coarse grass, and usually characterized by a deep, fertile soil. They abound throughout the Mississippi valley, between the Alleghanies and the Rocky mountains.


تعریف کرنا ۔ توصیف کرنا ۔ مدح سرائی کرنا ۔ خدا کی حمد ثناء کرنا ۔
(1) - Praise (v.) The object, ground, or reason of praise.
(2) - Praise (v.) Especially, the joyful tribute of gratitude or homage rendered to the Divine Being; the act of glorifying or extolling the Creator; worship, particularly worship by song, distinction from prayer and other acts of worship; as, a service of praise.
(3) - Praise (v.) Commendation for worth; approval expressed; honor rendered because of excellence or worth; laudation; approbation.
(4) - Praise (v.) To value; to appraise.
(5) - Praise (v.) To extol in words or song; to magnify; to glorify on account of perfections or excellent works; to do honor to; to display the excellence of; -- applied especially to the Divine Being.
(6) - Praise (v.) To commend; to applaud; to express approbation of; to laud; -- applied to a person or his acts.


ستائشی ۔ تعرفی ۔ حمد و ثناء سے معمور ۔
(1) - Praiseful (a.) Praiseworthy.
(2) - Praiseful (a.) Praiseworthy.