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سُرخی مائل ۔ گَلگُوں ۔ زَردی مائل ۔ بھُورا مائل سُرخ ۔ بادامی ۔
(1) - Rufous (a.) Reddish; of a yellowish red or brownish red color; tawny.


کمبل ۔ دھسا ۔ نمدہ ۔ گلیم ۔ بالوں کا کپڑا ۔
(1) - Rug (v. t.) To pull roughly or hastily; to plunder; to spoil; to tear.
(2) - Rug (a.) A rough, woolly, or shaggy dog.
(3) - Rug (a.) A piece of thick, nappy fabric, commonly made of wool, -- used for various purposes, as for covering and ornamenting part of a bare floor, for hanging in a doorway as a potiere, for protecting a portion of carpet, for a wrap to protect the legs from cold, etc.
(4) - Rug (a.) A kind of coarse, heavy frieze, formerly used for garments.


سَلوَٹ ۔ تہ یا شِکَن ۔ جھُرّی ۔
(1) - Ruga (n.) A wrinkle; a fold; as, the rugae of the stomach.


شِکَن غَشاء مَخاطی ۔ جھُریاں ۔ سِلوَٹَیں ۔
(1) - Rugae (pl. ) of Ruga


تہ دار ۔ شِکَن دار ۔ سَلوَٹ دار ۔ جھُرّیوں والا ۔
(1) - Rugate (a.) Having alternate ridges and depressions; wrinkled.