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Index of words, starting with "um"

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خفگی ، سایہ ۔ تاریکی ۔ چھاؤں ۔
(1) - Umbrage (n.) The feeling of being overshadowed; jealousy of another, as standing in one's light or way; hence, suspicion of injury or wrong; offense; resentment.
(2) - Umbrage (n.) Shadowy resemblance; shadow.
(3) - Umbrage (n.) Shade; shadow; obscurity; hence, that which affords a shade, as a screen of trees or foliage.


خفا ۔ آزردہ ۔ تاریک ۔ دھندلا ۔ سایہ دار ۔
(1) - Umbrageous (a.) Feeling jealousy or umbrage; taking, or disposed to take, umbrage; suspicious.
(2) - Umbrageous (a.) Not easily perceived, as if from being darkened or shaded; obscure.
(3) - Umbrageous (a.) Forming or affording a shade; shady; shaded; as, umbrageous trees or foliage.


خَفگی سے ۔ شَک و شُبَہ سے ۔


آزَردگی ۔ خَفگی ۔ سایہ داری ۔


چھتری چھاتا ۔ چھتر ۔ آفتاہی ۔
(1) - Umbrella (n.) Any marine tectibranchiate gastropod of the genus Umbrella, having an umbrella-shaped shell; -- called also umbrella shell.
(2) - Umbrella (n.) The umbrellalike disk, or swimming bell, of a jellyfish.
(3) - Umbrella (n.) A shade, screen, or guard, carried in the hand for sheltering the person from the rays of the sun, or from rain or snow. It is formed of silk, cotton, or other fabric, extended on strips of whalebone, steel, or other elastic material, inserted, or fastened to, a rod or stick by means of pivots or hinges, in such a way as to allow of being opened and closed with ease. See Parasol.