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Index of words, starting with "um"

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Urdu Meaning

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چھتر دار ۔ سایہ دار ۔
(1) - Umbriferous (a.) Casting or making a shade; umbrageous.


اومیک ۔ ایک کھُلی اسکیمو کَشتی جِسے لَکڑی کے فَریم پَر کھالیں مُنڈھ کَر بَنایا جاتا ہے اور خَصُوصاً عورتیں چَپّووں سے چَلاتی ہیں ۔


امالہ جو حرف علت پر لگاتے ہیں ۔
(1) - Umlaut (n.) The euphonic modification of a root vowel sound by the influence of a, u, or especially i, in the syllable which formerly followed.


امپائری ۔ ثالثی ۔
(1) - Umpirage (n.) The act of umpiring; arbitrament.
(2) - Umpirage (n.) The office of an umpire; the power, right, or authority of an umpire to decide.


ثالث ۔ امپائر ۔ ثالث کے فرائض انجام دینا ۔
(1) - Umpire (v. i.) To act as umpire or arbitrator.
(2) - Umpire (v. t.) To perform the duties of umpire in or for; as, to umpire a game.
(3) - Umpire (v. t.) To decide as umpire; to arbitrate; to settle, as a dispute.
(4) - Umpire (n.) A third person, who is to decide a controversy or question submitted to arbitrators in case of their disagreement.
(5) - Umpire (n.) A person to whose sole decision a controversy or question between parties is referred; especially, one chosen to see that the rules of a game, as cricket, baseball, or the like, are strictly observed.