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Index of words, starting with "va"

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Urdu Meaning

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خالی ذہنی سے ۔


بے مغزی ۔ خالی ذہنی ۔
(1) - Vacuousness (n.) The quality or state of being vacuous; emptiness; vacuity.


خلا ۔ بالکل خالی جگہ ۔ ہو ا سے خالی ۔
(1) - Vacuum (n.) The condition of rarefaction, or reduction of pressure below that of the atmosphere, in a vessel, as the condenser of a steam engine, which is nearly exhausted of air or steam, etc.; as, a vacuum of 26 inches of mercury, or 13 pounds per square inch.
(2) - Vacuum (n.) A space entirely devoid of matter (called also, by way of distinction, absolute vacuum); hence, in a more general sense, a space, as the interior of a closed vessel, which has been exhausted to a high or the highest degree by an air pump or other artificial means; as, water boils at a reduced temperature in a vacuum.


خلا بند ۔ ایسے مہر بند ظرف سے مُتعلِّق جِس میں سے پوری ہوا نِکال دی گئی ہو ۔


خلا روک ۔ وہ پرزہ جس سے گاڑی رکتی ہے ۔