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Showing meaning of word : "pea"

English-Urdu Dictionary

مٹر ۔ مٹر کا پودا ۔

English to English Dictionary

(1) - Pea (n.) A name given, especially in the Southern States, to the seed of several leguminous plants (species of Dolichos, Cicer, Abrus, etc.) esp. those having a scar (hilum) of a different color from the rest of the seed.
(2) - Pea (n.) A plant, and its fruit, of the genus Pisum, of many varieties, much cultivated for food. It has a papilionaceous flower, and the pericarp is a legume, popularly called a pod.
(3) - Pea (n.) See Peak, n., 3.
(4) - Pea (n.) The sliding weight on a steelyard.

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