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Showing meaning of word : "rubber"

English-Urdu Dictionary

رگڑنے والا ۔ مالش کرنے والا ۔

English to English Dictionary

(1) - Rubber (n.) An overshoe made of India rubber.
(2) - Rubber (n.) India rubber; caoutchouc.
(3) - Rubber (n.) In some games, as whist, the odd game, as the third or the fifth, when there is a tie between the players; as, to play the rubber; also, a contest determined by the winning of two out of three games; as, to play a rubber of whist.
(4) - Rubber (n.) Something that chafes or annoys; hence, something that grates on the feelings; a sarcasm; a rub.
(5) - Rubber (n.) One who performs massage, especially in a Turkish bath.
(6) - Rubber (n.) The cushion of an electrical machine.
(7) - Rubber (n.) An eraser, usually made of caoutchouc.
(8) - Rubber (n.) A whetstone; a rubstone.
(9) - Rubber (n.) A coarse file, or the rough part of a file.
(10) - Rubber (n.) An instrument or thing used in rubbing, polishing, or cleaning.
(11) - Rubber (n.) One who, or that which, rubs.

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