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یَعقُوبی ۔ سال کے پہلے مَہینے کا یا اُس سے مُتعلِق ۔
(1) - Jacobean (a.) Alt. of Jacobian


عیسائیوں کے ایک فرقے کا راہب ۔ ایک کبوتر ۔ حکومت کا مخالف ۔
(1) - Jacobin (a.) Same as Jacobinic.
(2) - Jacobin (n.) A fancy pigeon, in which the feathers of the neck form a hood, -- whence the name. The wings and tail are long, and the beak moderately short.
(3) - Jacobin (n.) One of a society of violent agitators in France, during the revolution of 1789, who held secret meetings in the Jacobin convent in the Rue St. Jacques, Paris, and concerted measures to control the proceedings of the National Assembly. Hence: A plotter against an existing government; a turbulent demagogue.
(4) - Jacobin (n.) A Dominican friar; -- so named because, before the French Revolution, that order had a convent in the Rue St. Jacques, Paris.


انگلستان کے بادشاہ جیمس ثانی کا حامی ۔
(1) - Jacobite (a.) Of or pertaining to the Jacobites.
(2) - Jacobite (n.) One of the sect of Syrian Monophysites. The sect is named after Jacob Baradaeus, its leader in the sixth century.
(3) - Jacobite (n.) A partisan or adherent of James the Second, after his abdication, or of his descendants, an opposer of the revolution in 1688 in favor of William and Mary.


جیمس اول بادشاہ انگلستان کے عہد کا طلائی سکہ ۔
(1) - Jacobus (n.) An English gold coin, of the value of twenty-five shillings sterling, struck in the reign of James I.


اڑیسَہ کے جَگَن ناتھ کے نام پَر ۔ جَگناتھی ۔ ایک نَرَم اور ہَلکا سُوتی کَپڑا ۔
(1) - Jaconet (n.) A thin cotton fabric, between and muslin, used for dresses, neckcloths, etc.