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البومینیوریا وَغَیرَہ کی حالَت ۔


قبَل ریفائلی ۔ اَنگریز فَن کاروں کا ایک گروہ ۔ ماقبَل ریفائلی بَرداری ۔ ما قبَل ریفائلوں کا ۔ اِس سے مُتعَلِق ۔


قبَل ریفائیلِیَت ۔


پہلے سے سکڑا ہوا ۔


تلقین کرنا ۔ نصیحت کرنا ۔ وعظ کرنا ۔ تفسیر بیان کرنا ۔
(1) - Preach (v.) A religious discourse.
(2) - Preach (v. t.) To advise or recommend earnestly.
(3) - Preach (v. t.) To teach or instruct by preaching; to inform by preaching.
(4) - Preach (v. t.) To deliver or pronounce; as, to preach a sermon.
(5) - Preach (v. t.) To inculcate in public discourse; to urge with earnestness by public teaching.
(6) - Preach (v. t.) To proclaim by public discourse; to utter in a sermon or a formal religious harangue.
(7) - Preach (v. i.) To give serious advice on morals or religion; to discourse in the manner of a preacher.
(8) - Preach (v. i.) To proclaim or publish tidings; specifically, to proclaim the gospel; to discourse publicly on a religious subject, or from a text of Scripture; to deliver a sermon.