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Showing meaning of word : "peace"

English-Urdu Dictionary

امن ۔ امان ۔ سکون ۔ صلح ۔

English to English Dictionary

(1) - Peace (v. t. & i.) To make or become quiet; to be silent; to stop.
(2) - Peace (v.) Reconciliation; agreement after variance; harmony; concord.
(3) - Peace (v.) Exemption from, or subjection of, agitating passions; tranquillity of mind or conscience.
(4) - Peace (v.) Public quiet, order, and contentment in obedience to law.
(5) - Peace (v.) Exemption from, or cessation of, war with public enemies.
(6) - Peace (v.) A state of quiet or tranquillity; freedom from disturbance or agitation; calm; repose

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