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Showing meaning of word : "vacant"

English-Urdu Dictionary

بے کار ۔ غیر آباد ۔ خالی ۔ بے کار ۔

English to English Dictionary

(1) - Vacant (a.) Abandoned; having no heir, possessor, claimant, or occupier; as, a vacant estate.
(2) - Vacant (a.) Empty of thought; thoughtless; not occupied with study or reflection; as, a vacant mind.
(3) - Vacant (a.) Not filled or occupied by an incumbent, possessor, or officer; as, a vacant throne; a vacant parish.
(4) - Vacant (a.) Unengaged with business or care; unemployed; unoccupied; disengaged; free; as, vacant hours.
(5) - Vacant (a.) Deprived of contents; not filled; empty; as, a vacant room.

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